Як атрымаць Certified Software Development Professional

Certified Software Development Professional (CSDP). General certification.

У адпаведнасці з заходняй практыкай (USA, UK, EC) прафесіяналізм падцвярджаецца сертыфікацыях, якая праводзіцца прафесійнымі таварыствамі. У Беларусі такім таварыствам з'яўляецца Інстытут матэматыкі і кібернетыкі (IM&C), які мае традыцыйную для захаду назву "Інстытут", напрыклад як Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE).

Advance your career

Are you a mid-career software engineer seeking to confirm your proficiency of established software development practices and differentiate yourself?

Senior IM&C Members and Licensed Software Engineers are automatically qualified. All others must meet the requirements below:

Education: (need at least one)

  • Bachelor's degree

  • CSDA certificate

  • Post-baccalaureate-level teaching experience

  • IM&C full membership

Experience: (need at least one)

  • Advanced degree in software engineering and at least two years (about 3,500 hours) of experience in software engineering/development, or

  • At least four years (about 7,000 hours) of experience in software engineering/development

Get certified in 3 easy steps:

Registrer for the sertification

Prepare for the sertification (including CSDP Preparation Course with CSDP's Thesis seminars (50 academic hours))

Take the sertification

Reference: price from IM&C Certified Trainer:

IM&C members

Nonmember price

CSDP preparation course




Call ++375 29 768 86 23 (МТС), +375 25 713 26 27 (life), +375 44 540 83 58 (velcom)

or email infarmatyka@gmail.com for more information.


"Certification refers to the confirmation of a person’s particular characteristics. A common type of certification is professional certification, where a person is certified as being able to complete an activity in a certain discipline at a stated level of competency. Professional certification also can also verify the holder’s ability to meet professional standards and to apply professional judgment in solving or addressing problems. Professional certification can also involve the verification of prescribed knowledge, the mastering of best practice and proven methodologies, and the amount of professional experience. An engineer usually obtains certification by passing an examination in conjunction with other experience-based criteria. These examinations are often administered by nongovernmental organizations, such as professional societies.” [ISO/IEC TR 19759:2005 SWEBOK Guide V3.0 Copyright © 2014 IEEE].

Below is a list of the lecture topics:

  • Cybernetics as theory of Software Design and Software Construction.

  • Knowledge networks, Sway networks

  • Algorithm design by theory of Knowledge

  • General Systems Theory and Multi-level Hierarchical Systems. Lage-scale systems.

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